PDA is a diving federation founded in 1995 in Germany. Thanks to the PDA training standards, a high level of training was achieved for diving students and PDA instructors.

PDA is represented in German-speaking countries as well as in parts of Europe with service centers. Worldwide, PDA has already reached North and South America as well as Asia. Other countries will find their way to PDA, true to our motto:

PDA – We are one family

New card design

At PDA there are now brand new brevet cards also in lady style. For the courses Jr.OWD, Jr.AOWD, OWD and AOWD the brevet card can be ordered in stylish pink.

Become a pro...

…and benefit from many advantages of the PDA Pro family. Do you have any questions? Then contact your PDA Instructor, PDA Instructor Trainer or PDA Course Director

PDA flag

The new PDA “WE DIVE YOU CRAZY” flag is now available. For more information please contact us: hq@pdaww.com

Crossover to PDA

For instructors of accepted associations we offer low-cost crossover to PDA. Contact us! The PDA headquarter arranges weekly appointments.

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International accepted

Member of EUF and RSTC-Europe

The Recreational Scuba Training Council establishes minimum scuba training standards and organizes acceptance among the various associations.